What are Tree & Landscape Appraisals

Trees are highly valuable organisms.  Many grand trees are often appraised at nearly a million dollars.  Even small tree specimens can add several thousand dollars in amenity value to your landscape.

Why are Tree & Landscape Appraisals important?

If your tree has been damaged then there are often many option available to you to recoup those losses and be made whole.  Marshall Badeaux a member of the first group of Consulting Arborist in the nation to become a Tree and Plant Appraisal Qualified Arborist (TPAQ).

Types of Tree & Landscape Appraisals we offer:

Repair Cost

Reproduction Cost

Functional Replacement Cost

Direct Cost Technique (DCT)

Trunk Formula Technique (TFT)

Salvage Value

Cost Compounding Technique (CCT)


Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)

Direct Capitalization

Yield Capitalization

Casualty Loss

Sales Comparison Approach (SCA)

Insurance Claims & Coverage


Civil & Criminal Claims

Income Tax Deductions

Market Value

Backyard Cactus Garden

Leisure Garden

Tropical Rainforest Garden

Other Services

Tree Preservation Planning

Trees add significant amenity value to your landscape.  Construction impact/damage and people pressures are the leading causes of tree failure/mortality among new communities.  We write Tree Preservation Plans (TPP) to mitigate risk and protect your most valuable assets.


Our comprehensive plant health care program involves monthly and seasonal monitoring and treatment of your trees throughout the growing season. With a integrated pest management (IPM) built in, ArborShield provides both fundamental protection and select specialty treatments based on your property’s individual needs each month.

Tree Inventory

Our tree inventory application allows us to identify species, collect measurements, images, and other resourceful data points to provide you with the most comprehensions plan available to manage the tree in your yard, landscape or urban forest.  This data is often used to assist you and the Arborist in addressing the best possible recommendations available.

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