Tree Installation



Trees offer a multitude of benefits to you and your property!


In addition to increasing property value (up to 15%!) and enhancing curb appeal and overall aesthetics of your property, trees remove air pollution, intercept rainfall which reduces standing water and runoff, and can even help decrease your energy bill!


Are you interested in giving your property a boost by adding a beautiful and beneficial tree? We can help you! 


Our team works together to ensure the tree installed is exactly what you desire, is installed properly, and has the best opportunity to thrive. Our qualified arborists work closely with the Plant Health Care department to determine the best tree options for your desires location and any specifications communicated.







Maybe you aren’t looking for a new tree to add to your property’s allure.

Maybe you have a tree that needs a new location.  

We can help with that as well!  

We can assist with placement options for optimal health, growth, and aesthetics. With plenty of tree and plant transplanting experience and extensive tree and landscape knowledge, our team is a great choice to accomplish your dream environment. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can perfect your property with tree installation or transplanting! We are always happy to help!

Check out available trees and pricing through our Tree Planting Catalog below!


Our Customer Reviews

At Charleston Tree Experts, we view satisfactory customer service as the direct result of superior communication, a core value. We believe communication bridges the gap to understanding and carrying out each of our customer’s needs. By adequately communicating the best tree care practices, customers and arborists alike are able to establish objectives and surpass expectations:

Every step of this process was perfect. The evaluation was thorough, thoughtful and not pushy (we met with other companies in the estimating stage, and some were pretty aggressive and sales-y). The communication was just right. And then, the workers themselves -- really professional, really pleasant, and very thoughtful about protecting the rest of our lawn. They took down a massive tree from over the fence in the backyard, and had to bring everything out to the street. After cleanup, you couldn't even tell we'd had any work done. There wasn't a leaf or blade of grass out of place. HIGHLY recommend!

Cheri Bonner

I had the Charleston Tree Experts do some preventative maintenance on some trees that hang over my home. They are professional, good communicators and are great to work with. I am very happy with the job they did and will be using them again. I highly recommend Charleston Tree Experts for any arbor needs!

Rob Colestock

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“Rooted in Excellence”

Charleston Tree Experts premier specialty is in Arborist consulting, tree preservation, hazardous tree removals, pruning trees, and managing Charleston’s urban forest for greater growth. We have a wealth of knowledge in performing tree care services from delicate or seemingly inaccessible places. Let us help you.