What is ArborShield?

Our comprehensive plant health care program offers monthly, seasonal and/or specialty treatment plans of your trees and/or shrubs through customized soil enrichment and fertilization. With an integrated pest management (IPM) built in, ArborShield monthly and seasonal plans are multifaceted in providing for both increased health and vigor and fundamental pest protection based on your property’s individual needs.


Customized Soil Enrichment & Fertilization

It is widely known that trees with nutrient deficiency will primarily focus energy on new growth while ignoring threats of pest infiltration and disease by pathogens. By the time a tree begins to exhibit significant branch loss, root rot or other obvious signs of distress, it is often too late to address the problematic pest or reverse the effects of a wood decay pathogen and the tree must be removed. In other situations, a tree will “mine” for nutrients by aggressively growing roots through foundations, sidewalks and driveways. Providing nutrients at the root base and proper root pruning can avoid thousands in damage. These are just 2 examples of the necessity of tree preservation treatment. By first obtaining a soil analysis, treatment plans are customized to make nutrient uptake easier for plants and trees. We have a wide array of soil enrichment and fertilizing systems such as trunk injections, deep-root injections, organic and in-organic options, granular fertilizers, and foliar sprays. Deep-root injections are administered as needed to bypass grass roots and deliver fertilizer, growth stimulants, and organic acids straight to the root systems of plants.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Here in the Lowcountry pests and diseases run rampant amongst residential gardens and trees. Temperatures rarely stay low enough in Winter to kill off diseases and pests on plants and they will over-winter on dropped foliage from Autumn. Pests and pathogens often feed on the hardwood of a tree compromising its structural integrity. Absent treatment, a seemingly healthy appearing tree with a full green canopy will be found fallen with a completely hollow trunk.

We utilize pesticides/insecticides, horticultural oils and bacteria that are OMRI certified organic for pest control measures. The chemicals are safe for use around humans and most mammals, but caution is used near wetlands. Horticultural oils are quite a broad spectrum of several different oils derived from cottonseed, sesame, neem, minerals, and some herbs. A species of bacteria found naturally occurring in soils around the world is also utilized in the hotter times of the year to control caterpillars.

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ArborShield Protection Plans

Whether through monthly, seasonal or specialty treatments, diagnosing and adequately addressing the problem can avoid thousands in damage. Your landscape is an amenity to your property, as such it carries significant value. Properly caring for your plants not only saves in the cost of potential removal but it insures the value of the investment in your property. Have one of our Qualified Arborists assess your plants and recommend an ArborShield Protection Plan best for your landscape needs!


ArborShield Full Protection Plan


The highest level of protection! ArborShield Full Protection treatment targets nutrient deficiency, growth regulation and pest infestation impacting trees and/or shrubs on a monthly basis. This treatment plan provides both fundamental protection & select specialty treatments based on the tree/shrub condition in combination with your property’s individual needs. Monitoring and treating your vegetation on a monthly basis throughout the growing season is also included. The program is multifaceted in that it both increases the health and vigor of plants through a customized treatment plan based on a soil analysis and addresses any pests affecting them through integrated pest management. ArborShield Full Protection plan is typically recommended for trees and shrubs displaying signs of distress and/or growing in stressful and poor conditions.


ArborShield Seasonal Protection Plan


Season specific treatment! ArborShield Seasonal Protection treatment also targets nutrient deficiency, growth regulation and pest infestation impacting trees and/or shrubs in need on a seasonal basis. Since plant growth is stimulated differently based on the season, treatments are customized to maximize the growth potential of each season. This plan is best for trees and shrubs in need of increased health and vigor but may not be displaying outright signs of concern. 


Winter and Autumn treatments contain specific acids for nutrient suspension and beneficial fungi for increased root health as root growth primarily occurs in colder months. The difference between the Autumn and Winter treatment is that it contains additional organic extracts that have been used for thousands of years to increase crop yields in coastal civilizations. In combination with a broad group of natural plant growth stimulants and regulators that control all of the growth in plants by enabling cell division all throughout the plant, which increases drought hardiness and nutrient uptake from the soil and results in highly efficient photosynthetic abilities.


Spring and Summer treatment is also closely aligned. Key organic chemical components of growth stimulating are utilized during Spring and Summer treatments. The organic chemicals are introduced in the Spring to stimulate canopy growth, and increased in the Summer for a boost to maximize overall growth. A combination of growth stimulants and organic acids are utilized to focus on foliar growth and branch development in both seasons. Additions of specific nutrients are used to increase the production of chlorophyll which maximizes the photosynthetic abilities of plants.


ArborShield Construction Protection Plan


Construction impact and damage, along with the influence of civilization, are the leading causes of tree failure/mortality among new communities. Trees suffer from root loss when the area is excavated, compaction of roots from the use of heavy machinery and nutrient deprivation from nutrient deficient fill dirt installation, as well as significant branch loss from pruning large leaders. While some of these actions are necessary for a home to be constructed, it does not negate the substantial negative impact experienced by the trees in the process. A construction tree’s condition makes it susceptible to opportunistic pests and pathogens in our area which seek to invade trees in decline. Since trees are communal, meaning they share nutrients through their fused root system, the trees will systemically pass pathogens to any neighboring trees and they jointly decline in time.


Our comprehensive tree preservation program targets nutrient deficiency, growth regulation and pest infestation impacting trees in advance of and/or following construction. This program provides both fundamental protection & select specialty rehabilitation treatments based on the pre/post construction tree condition in combination with your property’s individual needs. Monitoring and treating your trees at timely intervals throughout the growing season is also included.




ArborShield Specialty Treatments


ArborShield Fungicide Application

Natural biological materials applied by soil injection, basal drench, or directly to plant tissues to prevent, control, or destroy a broad spectrum of root and foliar diseases such as root rot, blight, wilt, bacterial leaf spot, black spot, leaf spot, powdery mildew, rusts, and other harmful fungi on or in plants/trees.

ArborShield Herbicide Application

Foliage spray or painting to vegetation or freshly cut stumps to eliminate or reduce likelihood of sprouting.

ArborShield Insecticide Application

Materials of natural or synthetic origin that are applied by soil injection, basal drench, or directly to plant tissues to prevent, control, or destroy a broad spectrum of wood and foliar insects such as aphids, borers, leaf miners, mites, scales, and/or termites on or in plants/trees.

ArborShield Termiticide Application

Soil injection with a systemic chemical to build resistance to or eradicate termite activity.

ArborShield Salt Free Treatment

Soil Injection to break the bond between Sodium and Chlorine within salt. Recommended 4 weekly applications via soil-injection to the tree(s) for best results.

ArborShield Water Stress Treatment

A treatment for water stressed trees where ground water is depleting and there is not sufficient surface irrigation. Treatment is a high-pressure application of water injected directly into the root zone at 6″ apart. The water is combined with a soil wetting agent that allows for further penetration into the soil profile as well as the water to remain in soil 3x longer than just water alone.

ArborShield Charcoal Treatment

Activated charcoal materials that are applied to tree or shrub root-zone to improve drainage and absorb harmful impurities

ArborShield Fruit Tree Treatment

Application of agricultural, USDA Approved spray materials to treat and prevent various fungal diseases and pest infestations.

ArborShield Palm Fertilization

Application of slow-release granular fertilizer to maintain health and vigor. Includes specific nutrients for deficiencies that cause yellowing of new leaves, for deficiencies that manifest on older palm fronds, and for interveinal chlorosis.

ArborShield FAQ’s

Can I give a check to the technician for payment?

  • If you are on the PHC Seasonal treatment plan, you can give a check payment to the technician. If you are on the ArborShield monthly treatment plan, your payment will be set up on auto-draft to occur once monthly on the last day of the month.


Do I have to be present for my treatment?

  • As long as our technician is able to access your trees/plants to be treated, then you do not have to be present. If you are unable to attend, but have questions or concerns you would like addressed, please reply to your confirmation email so that we can notify your technician ahead of time.


What if I want to cancel my treatments?

  • Customer may cancel at any time during the annual term with early cancellation fees applied as follows: 0-12 months of each term, 30% of contractual cost for all remaining months of term. Cancellation fees are necessary and established in consideration of the required material and product applied.


Can I pause my treatments?

  • Sure! We can pause your treatments for up to 3 consecutive months. After three months, if you do not wish to resume your treatments they will be cancelled and the early cancellation fee will be implemented.


When will my PHC Seasonal treatments be performed?

  • Seasonal treatments are performed once per season (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter).
  • Spring: March-May
  • Summer: June-August
  • Autumn: September-November
  • Winter: December-February
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Other Services

Tree Preservation Planning

Trees add significant amenity value to your landscape.  Construction impact/damage and the influence of civilization are the leading causes of tree failure/mortality among new communities.  We write Tree Preservation Plans (TPP) to mitigate risk and protect your most valuable assets.

Consulting Arborist Service

Consulting Arborists are the authoritative experts on trees and bring an objective, comprehensive viewpoint to their clients—ensuring the safety, health, and preservation of trees. Servicing a wide variety of clients, including property owners, municipalities, contractors, attorneys, insurance professionals, landscape architects, developers, engineers, other arborists, and more.

Tree & Landscape Appraisals

Tree & Landscape Appraisals

If your tree has been damaged then there are often many options available to you to recoup those losses and be made whole.  Marshall Badeaux, President is a member of the first group of Consulting Arborists in the nation to become a Tree and Plant Appraisal Qualified Arborist (TPAQ).

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